To design, build and install decorative structure to the fast food area on board the new range of multi/hull fast craft ferries operating from the UK to Ireland

In conjunction with the interior designers for the project a concept of an illuminated fish tank representing how marine life may evolve in the next century was conceived.

The structure was based around a 600mm diameter glass column with a 2M diameter blue disc on the ceiling and seating around the bottom.

The structure housed 10 fibre optic light projectors illuminating a number of different types of fibre ranging from standard glass to cracked fibre and polymer bundles.

The light boxes incorporated colour and interruption wheels which were controlled from a programable PLC controller.


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The 2M diameter disc on the ceiling housed 400 tails of cracked fibre sandwiched between blue and clear polycarbonate with a random interruption wheel fitted to the light box representing the ebb and flow of the sea with the sun hitting the waves.

The decorative elements such as the marine plants, a manta ray and sea snakes were produced from a range of materials including UV active plastic rods illuminated with blacklight blue lamps, polycarbonate sheet and black delrin rods.